News posts from the past 

It was time to take my old uk website down and so as not to lose everything, I copied all the news stories I posted from time to time.  I paste them here without the photos or links.  I think they say more about the life of a person trying to achieve something meaningful than anything else.   They made me a bit sad, and a bit happy, and a lot determined to go on as I am.  They are in reverse order - that is starting at the beginning so that they make more sense.  Anyway, I will not be adding more news here as that is for my blog The last entry refers to an event to take place in July this year.   Stephanie, February 13th, 2016

News, awards and so on

This is my first posting so I will catch you up concisely:

2004 - International woman photographer of the year in the category "Places" for the organization

Women in Photography 2005 - Placed in competition "Decisive Moments" - a tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson

2003,2005, 2006 - First, first second places respectively in the UK Costco Photo Competition (average 25,000 entries each year)

2007 - Exhibition "Beauty and the Beach" at The Green Fish Cafe (September)

2007 - Pieces shown at The Chet Art Fair (November)

2008 - Published calendar Beauty and the Beach which caused quite a stir!

2008 - 12th April - 3rd May Several pieces in the exhibition People and Love, Venue Ullet Grange, 36 Ullet Road

My first photo book is due out in May/June  - will keep you posted.

My work can be bought directly from me, but I am also represented by and selected works are available from Rennies on Bold Street in Liverpool .

FInally, you can catch me most Monday nights on BBC Radio Merseyside from 10pm to 11pm. It is the Linda McDermott show "Loose Women" and I am one of the babling panellists!

Merseyside Woman of the Year Finalist!

Amazingly, I have been nominated, and have gone through to the finals of The Merseyside Woman of the Year 2008 in the category "Art & Culture". The final results will be announced Jun 20th at a long, boozy lunch at the Liverpool Crown Plaza. 

Book On a Boat from China And BBC Merseyside

My book has finally shipped and should be here in three weeks. BBC Radio Merseyside will be holding an exhibition in their performance space at the end of June and I will be talking about the photos on air, and possibly in person. The final details are yet decided, but that is the gist of it. I have already started work on my next book and if anyone has suggestions of people in connection with Liverpool, please get in touch with me.

Launch Party "People in Liverpool"!

My book People in Liverpool is clearing customs as I write and will be delivered in 91 boxes to my door. Have borrowed a trolley from the neighbours and hope to develop lovely toned arms! There will be a launch party (invite only) July 2nd at The Liverpool Academy of Arts at the bottom end of Seel Street. They will also be giving an exhibition of 64 A2 framed prints of , for the most part, the out-takes of the book. This will run until July 11th and will be complemented by BBC Radio Merseyside extensive coverage.

Book "People in Liverpool" now in stock

My book has finally arrived with much drama. A lorry the size of the Titanic blocked up two thirds of our road, the other third being blocked by gas mains excavations. Although I had paid for a tailgate truck, none such arrived and we had to climb into this beast by means of a step ladder and manually carry 91 heavy boxes into the house. In the meantime, the traffic built up, with much huffing and puffing ... Anyway, the book is pleasing, and it is available from my website for the special price of £19.99 including postage. If you order from me, it will be signed and numbered too. There are also a number of retail outlets where you can buy the book and I fully intend to sign and number all the books there as well, unless stopped from doing so.

Retail Outlets Book

As well as directly from my site you can buy my book at these stores: FACT - 88 Wood Street Liverpool L14 4DQ 0151 707 4444 News From Nowhere 96 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4 HY 0151 708 7270 Dot.Art 2-4 Queen Avenue, Castle Street Liverpool L2 4TX 0845 0176660 Utility - 60 Bold Street/ 86 Bold Street Liverpool L1 4HY 0151 707 9919 Borders - Cheshire Oaks Waterstones, Liverpool, Bold Street 0151 708 6861 Richard James Interiors - Long Lane, Aintree, 0151 525 6644 This list may be revised from time to time.

Reviews and feedback of "People in Liverpool"!!

I blushed when I read the following review, and then I danced up and down on all the tables in my house: Review I also received two very nice emails this morning which read as follows:

"Received your book this morning.. Love it love it love it. Think it's wonderful and you are brilliant! It will be pride of place on my coffee table for all to see!" Lisa Brookes

"The book arrived this morning, thanks very much. It’s fantastic..." Paul MacKenzie, Lancashire

Life Highly Commended in MWY Finals!

Just to let you know that I was "Highly Commended" in the Merseyside Woman of the Year 2008 finals June 20th - for my contribution to Art & Culture. A Big "Thank You" to everyone who voted for me! I was really happy about this!

Exhibition of Prints July 3rd -11th Liverpool Academy of Arts

An exhibition of large 31 inch x 24 inch prints starts July 3rd at The Liverpool Academy of Arts and runs to July 11th. Entrance is free and the hours of opening are Monday to Friday 12 noon to 4 pm. For the most part these are not the same images that are to be found in my book "People in Liverpool" as I thought it more interesting to see an alternative. All prints are limited edition (2 only) and priced at a reasonable £210. The images contained within the book are also available to order (limited edition, 2 only). The book will be on sale here as well. The Liverpool Academy of Arts, 32 Seel Street, Liverpool L1 4BE Tel. 0151 709 0735

City Radio with Brian Reade

I should have said this before - I was on the above for 30 minutes from 11.00 am to 11.30 am This Saturday - August 16th. I really enjoyed making the usual fool of myself and you may (or may not) be able to hear it again through the internet. That aside Brian Read, the very same of "The Mirror" is a dish to look at!

Exhibition at the Town Hall

I have a little exhibition at the Town Hall in Liverpool which ends this coming Sunday, August 24th. My sons are there to greet you, and you can buy various things, including the notorious Beauty and The Beach nude calendar at half price for half a year, and the book. It is worth going to just to look at the amazing town hall itself, and marvel at the equally amazing fact that you can hire it for functions!!!!!

Book now in Waterstones, Liverpool

Yes, you can buy my book here now!

Upcoming Exhibitions Saturday, November 1st

A t The Carling Academy, Liverpool (the marvellous Connie Lush will be singing and she is in my book)

November 2009 - January 2010

A two month solo exhibition of People in Merseyside at The Southport Arts Gallery - details and exact dates to be finalised

Honorable Mention Women In Photography International 2008

An email dropped into my inbox announcing that I gained an honourable mention in the WIPI 2008 competition. This is a nice surprise as the standard is very high and the judging is based on image only - the jurors were shown the photographs without name of photographer or title. I enter very few competitions as it is so difficult to know what the jurors are looking for and to be truthful, I often do not submit a  winning photograph! However, I think WIPI is a worthy cause and I have won twice with them before - so third time lucky again! The image chosen is from my book "PEOPLE IN LIVERPOOL"

 Book available at Victoria Gallery and Museum

Another place you can buy People in Liverpool. Situated at the top of Brownlow Hill in the amazing and beautiful Victoria Building with its distinctive red-brick and clock tower. Part of the Liverpool of University. Worth a visit for the cafe on the ground floor too - lovely - and it serves wine!

My Blog is now active

I have recently started a blog and hope to add to it from time to time. At the moment each entry constitutes a published article and photo. Please click on the blue blog button at the top of this page. Thanks...oh, and can you subscribe or/and follow as well? Much appreciated.

West Everton Project

I have just finished the photography for a commissioned project on West Everton which I found very rewarding, and also quite humbling. Happily, another one from the same organization has come my way - when it is finished I will post details. In the future I hope to concentrate on reportage/documentary projects and to this end I have pulled all advertising in other areas. This is not to say that I will not continue to offer my services as before, just that they will not be my main focus.

The Secret Life of Smithdown Road

Well, it is out now! I have finished my commissioned job on the above for the forthcoming Museum of Liverpool and the press releases are trickling out. This is mostly due to the fact that the museum would love for people to come forward with their stories and pictures. When I can raise my head above the diluge of work I am drowning happily in, I will organise the stuff I have been doing and create a page on my site. Promise.

Body Landscapes Exhibition October 30th - November 26th

I have just been asked to put on my "body Parts you don't Like" project to coincide with the opening of a new gallery (The Gallery, Liverpool at 41 Stanhope Street, L8 5RE from October 30 - November 26th, 2009. "Body Landscapes" is a reaction against the wide spread media photoshopping of the human form. It is intended to make people feel better about themselves, instead of getting depressed by views of so called perfection that they can never hope to achieve. Although some of the images are shocking, I personally feel that they are all quite beautiful! More news will follow in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to contact me or my publicist, Mitch Poole.

Debate chaired by Roger Phillips on Body Image On October 29th

There was an "any questions" -style debate chaired by broadcaster Roger Phillips with a diversity of panelists, including a cosmetic nurse, general practitioner , plastic surgeon and an actors' agent. Supported by the PCT and sparked by the content of my exhibition "Body Landscapes". The debate was held at the gorgeous Victoria Gallery & Museum, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool L69 3DR. My exhibition runs until November 26th at The Gallery Liverpool, 41 Stanhope Street, L8 5RE. The debate was open to the public.

New Exhibition "Building Merseyside" at St George's Hall

A selection of my limited Liverpool prints have been included in the "Building Merseyside" exhibition at The Artists' Studio, St George's Hall. It runs from November 27th 2009 - January 3rd 2010 and is open from 10am - 5pm except Christmas, Boxing and New Years Day.

New Solo Exhibition MerseyBio January 28th - March 12th, 2010

I have a solo exhibition based on my book People in Liverpool opening January 28th at MerseyBio which forms part of Liverpool of University. It is not open to the general public due to the scientific research taking place there, but if anyone wants to go to the opening night, please get in touch.


Have not been able to function as normal due to the weather although this seems ridiculous. But. For instance, had a shoot at The Royal Birkdale Golf Club and it happened to be the first day it really started to snow in Merseyside. Arrived, after a few minor slides, checked in, and was told, the course was too dangerous. I shot in the clubhouse - we ventured out but irritation ensued as the virgin snow was messed up by my client before the club photographer could come and take "virgin" photos. Afterwards I drove home, no problem. Took a cracking  view from the clubhouse - their photographer never arrived by the way so I think I might give them it.

Please look at my slides of Brazil in 1983 In 1983

I took a freighter to Brazil and thus started a year that would change my life forever. I stayed in luxurious penthouse apartments, then favellas, and, finally, dollar a night fleapits - you could not call them hotels. It was the year in which I turned my back on modelling and all its superficialities for good. I started utterly miserable at the top and ended at peace near the bottom. With me, my companion, was a fantastic amateur canon, the T90, and about fifty rolls of slide film supplied by a German magazine, Für Sie - it was mostly fujichrome I think. The slides were developed as I traveled and came out of the labs with various signs of overheated chemicals etc, and then they were further treated to the intense Brazilian heat, and the humidity of the Amazon jungle areas. I traveled with a rectangular yellow kodak cooler bag in which I crammed my entire disintegrating wardrobe wrapped around the precious film in a futile attempt to spare it. To finish this gourmet treatment of my work in a fitting manner, my poor slides traveled all over the world with me for the next 30 years, forgotten. They suffered numerous house renovations, insect infestations, and viral attacks. I am slowly trying to scan them. It is not easy. Some are impossibly afflicted, laced with advance fungus spores. These represent but a small fraction of my stock. I am hoping to find a scanner with FUNCTIONING software to do them justice, but in the meantime, their age and degraded qualities place them firmly in the past and so they have their own charm I think.

Body Landscapes New Exhibiton 2010

Blackburne House will be hosting "Body Landscapes" during July and August, 2010 along with workshops and other events. A poetry competition has also been suggested. In the meantime I have been busy documenting in as interesting way as possible more volunteers, including one person who will hopefully feature quite strongly in the ethos of the project. She is quite ill and has reall reason to be concerned about her body parts, and through the photographs I shall be taking of her, and her progress through her operations, we hope to bring awareness not only to the specific illness she suffers from, but also to the fact that most of us, the worrying well, have everything to be thankful for.

Magazine Cover

One of my images is  on the latest "The Liverpool" Magazine. I am really pleased with it and it makes me feel happy. I think we all need cheering up at the moment. It was taken at 6 am on the waterloo seafront in May. If anyone is interested in a print, please contact me as I shall be issuing a series of limited edition ones - all slightly different - in a few months.

What I really think of Marco Pierre White

Just thought I would put a pointer to my blog "People in Liverpool" because Marco was in Aughton which is not really Liverpool, and I wrote about him on this blog - so please read it!

Women in Photography International Honourable Mention!

I have had six of my photos placed in a juried competition for WIPI. This was the brief: "Choose images that made either a personal or public impression, brought you joy, awareness, caused pain or tugged on your heart strings -- how you see the world in which you live, your home, your work, your friends, the world around you. Weather, events, parties, Think if the Edward Steichen’s Family of Man. This is a capsule of time representing and showcasing women's work during the years 2000-2010." In an effort to comply to the above as much as possible, I tracked down the book from the exhibition and had a good look at it. I notice that all reference to this "Family of Man" exhibition suddenly disappeared upon announcement of the winners - in its place I received this "Instead of the original stated 50 image Honorable Mention, we expanded the Honorable Mention section to 100 to bring a wider variety of style and scope to cover a 10 year period. Jurors received only the images with a number, no titles or names. Selection is made solely on the image itself. Check out the placement winner Presentation Galleries online!" You can see them and judge for yourself. I would be most interested in email feedback - I personally see no or little relation to the original brief. P.S. - my entries are on page 8 and I found the book through "Alibris" - a very useful second hand source!

Update Body Lanscapes Blackburne House

 If you missed it the last time, Body Landscapes is back in Blackburne House until the end of August. The cafe there is really quite good and affordable, and please go. There was another debate on Body Image and The Media on July 15th and I am waiting for the film footage to be edited so that it can be seen in a more condensed version. Catherine Marcangeli chaired it and did a magnificent and informed job.


Much of this year has found me abroad, up a mountain in Spain working on my own personal project of rural life inland. My aim is not to try and make it look like life has not changed in 100 years, but trying to show its old ways, mixed with the new. Where I have been there are no fast food restaurants, no take-aways, nothing but traditional Spanish food. However, all villages have high speed wifi, and even vast areas of the sparsely populated mountains receive satellite internet. In my local village a group of young enterprising Spaniards have formed a cooperative and installed their own antenna on a mountain top. As a result, though I have been living without mains electricity or water, I now have wifi internet for only 3€ a month. Along side this many old customs still adhere and it is this mix I am attempting to capture, as well as the rugged wild beauty of the open and semi-savage landscape. I have not updated my news due to this for a long time, and I have hardly updated my galleries. I think I am becoming more and more Spanish in my attitude. Mañana, mañana... I live in a tiny stone casita - my energy needs are supplied by one solar panel, two batteries and a small petrol generator. This charges my laptop and allows me to have a quick shower, and run some occasional low energy lights, and also, a small CD player. No fridge, no stove.   I do have a hairdryer, but must run the generator if I want to use it. As a result, for the first time in my life, I am learning to "let it go". Who cares anyway? On a brief visit to America I was really shocked, as never before, by the conspicuous waste and consumption.

 Old Anfield will be no more?

These are boarded up Victorian terrace houses around Anfield stadium. They will be demolished, as many already have been here and elsewhere in Liverpool. In their place, after the recession, will be erected cheap characterless houses that encourage isolation amongst neighbours. Here there still  exists the odd inhabited house. On the others there are notices such as "anything of value has been removed from this property". The mistakes of Liverpool, and history elsewhere are being repeated again and again. I stand here and am powerless to prevent the outcome. On the roofs  pigeons perch, and occasionally fly off, only to return seconds later. No doubt they will continue this pattern through what may come.

Sir Drummond Bone in Times Higher Education

The Times contacted me last week to buy an image I took of Sir Drummond Bone, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Liverpool and one-time president of Universities UK. It looked lovely in the paper.

Roger Philips Approves

I have had quite a lot of post recently regarding my blog story on Roger Phillips. Let me state categorically THAT ALL PUNS AND INNUENDOS ARE INTENTIONAL. And Roger approves - either that or he has not read the story properly!

Inside HM Prison Manchester and LOOK2011

I finally made it to the other side and I am not even a man - not at least the last time I looked. After an endless going back and forth and cancelling of meetings, one trial shoot, and the governor Richard Vince posing for me in a prison cell, I have been allowed inside HM Prison Manchester, formerly known as Strangeways, to document its workings, staff, and prisoners who were willing. This is a delicate project built on trust, and follows in the wake of a TV documentary to come up in the coming months. It is the first time that a photographer or camera crew have been allowed inside this prison since the 1990 riots. A lot has changed since then in a very positive way, and for my part I intend to document it honestly, and not in a grim trying to dish the dirt way. There is a lot of good to say, or show in my case. On the basis of this ethos, I have been given permission for an exhibition using some of the images which will be on view at the end of April in the Baltic Triangle in relation to the Look 20111 Liverpool International Festival of Photography. For the moment I am concentrating on the staff, but do not expect bland corporate portraits! Hopefully in time to come I will be able to reveal the still documentary I am recording to more public eyes and posterity. I will post more details as I know them.

 Exhibition HM Prison Manchester posted on Look2011 site at last!

My forthcoming exhibition "Inside HM Prison Manchester" has been posted on the Look2011 website in regards to The International Photography Festival Liverpool. I will be there for its opening during The Light Night May 13th.

Spanish blog online!

 I have started my blog of photos and comments from the mountains of El Maestrat in Spain - a relatively unspoilt part of Spain 3 hours north of Barcelona and one hour South. You can find it under the name  - I am working on getting it to load up more quickly.

New blog from Valencia

I have not updated my site here for a while - yet again - because I am concentrating more and more on Spain. I have recently signed a contract to produce a blog for the Valencian Community called "Sketches from Castellon and beyond". You can catch it here: Sketches of Castellon and beyond Please take a look, and also at my other blog: Masia Lavanda which is gathering quite a local following in any event because of the ability of anyone to correct the google translation to something more real.

Exhibition in Spain

Hi from hot, fly infested Spain! Still, it beats, grey rainy Liverpool, I suppose. Just a short note to say that I have a joint exhibition starting this Sunday, August 21st at the town hall in Atzeneta del Maestrat, Spain which will run until September 17th. The venue is a huge light filled space on the top floor - absolutely beautiful - and I am really pleased to be included. Basically, a local iron artist, Miguel Belles, will be showing a series of amazing cubist sculptures, and I have taken close-ups of his hands and bits of iron and made giant prints of them. Oh and some of his daughter's face and, in particular, close-ups of her amazing violet eyes. So my stuff goes on the walls and his on pedestals dotted around the room. I have been working with Miguel on and off for about 18 months now, recording his work all over the region. It has been a great experience and helped me integrate into the area and shown me things I probably never would have seen. I hope this exhibition goes well - it is the official start of the fiestas in Atzeneta - most other villages kicked off last Sunday. They had their streets full of rampaging bulls then, and now it's Atzeneta's turn. Great. I suppose I will have to take some pictures? But bulls on the lose scare the sh.t out of me... Please visit www.masialavanda  for more info on El Maestrat and beyond.

On the radio again

Just a quick note. You can catch me on the radio again - just once a month at 11.30am with Roger Phillips. I have actually been doing this for three months now. Some people actually like to hear me mouthing off...

Three new exhibitions in Spain

A long overdue news post, but I don't suppose anyone was going to hop on a plane for the private views? Though I have to say, the one in Pou de Beca was AMAZING! There are posters for two exhibitions presently running until the end of June (prolonged by popular request from the the end of May). I also will have another exhibition starting July 2nd in the castle of Pensicola July 2nd - July 16th. There will be a meet and discuss evening with myself and Miguel Belles, and of course wine and tapas on the Friday night of July 7th from 7.30pm. Peniscola itself, or at least the old town, is well worth a visit. Nearer to the date I will publish more details.

I have always wanted to be in a castle!

I have always wanted to be in a castle other than as a visitor and finally I am! My latest joint exhibition with Miguel Belles is up and running in the castle of Peniscola. This time there are a number of interesting photos of the labour of ironwork, and also Mareike with The Ironman of Antony Gormley's Another place has made another appearance. Miguel made amazing iron frames,aged and distressed to match the ironman and my other photos, and I have to say I am very pleased. They are gorgeous and totally different. For his part, Miguel is showing a series of 20 triangular sculptures, especially created for this exhibition. Anyone down (or up) this way is welcome to the Evening with the artists (guess who?) starting at 7.30pm Friday July 6th. There will be refreshments and nibbles, and I will make sure the white wine is cold. Just make your way up through the old town to the castle at the top and we are in the main exhibition room. I would advise against stiletto heels as there are massive pebble floors everywhere.

Next Exhibition

in the heat Tomorrow I have another exhibition opening in my local village at Casa Ramon. There are nudes all over the place! The private view is public and starts at 12 noon, in line with the first day of the fiestas. 32 in the shade here - eat your heart out all you lot in the UK! Actually, I am bloody hot and sweating like a pig...

Exhibition in Vall D'Alba

Here are the details of another exhibition with Miguel Bellés, starting tomorrow in conjunction with the fiestas in the town. The venue is an old Spanish house that has been converted into a museum that aims to show the life in the mountains in days of old. It has a lovely entrance courtyard and a bit of quirky charm. I especially love the old kitchen and dining areas which are for the most part untouched.`

 I am now based on the continent!

After much soul searching and four years of developing an eco project-come-farm in Spain, I have decided not to work in the UK any longer and reside in Spain. My prices will now be converted to euros - pound for euro - so therefore they are actually significantly cheaper. Anyone may come for a shoot to either my country home in France near Toulouse, or my farm near Valencia in Spain. Accommodation is free and I am very flexible about your needs. Both regions are areas of outstanding beauty. You can read about my adventures by clicking the following two links: Masia Lavanda - this is a photo blog where the posts are intended to be revisited as the photos are continually being added to or updated. and Sketches of Castellon and Beyond - this is the largest English ex-pat global network in the world with some 2.5 million readers. I look forward to hearing from anyone.

Exhibition in Serra d'en Galceran, Castellon, Spain Dec21 2015 - January 17 2016

After an absence of quite some time due to health reasons, I am back.  This exhibition runs until January 17th in the beautifully restored town hall which is also a museum with an amazing collection of ancient tiles. I am totallycrazy for old tiles.   Please call the town hall for opening hours. Usually up until 2pm every day, but I am not sure!   What use am I?

Exhibition Prison at Doomed Gallery, London

Some 16 of my prison photos will be shown in a exhibition of four artists at Doomed Gallery which runs from January 15 for a few days - details below. Should be interesting!

 Celebration of El Maestrat July 23rd, 2016!

This will be a very exciting event – a night of music, art, food and wine in the grounds of the gorgeous bodega Clos d’Esgarracordes. The artists will continue to exhibit for the whole month of August.  More news to come!  It is an idea I came up with as an antidote to the Benicassim pop Festival which will run at the same time.  It is also inspired by the opening of Castellon Airport and hopefully an influx of appreciate and cultured tourists keen to discover the warm people, amazing architecture, and natural beauty of this wonderful region.

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